Proposal to ban tobacco retail displays in New Zealand

It is NARGON's current recommendation that:-

That the Ministry of Healths proposals regarding the banning of tobacco retail displays in New Zealand are rejected by the government and do not subsequently reappear in legislative form.

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This bill, which has just returned from its select Committee but is not yet in force, imposes further restrictions on the sale and display of tobacco products, giving retailers 12 months in which to comply. It also imposes further controls on herbal smoking products, requires internet sales to carry warnings and health and purchase age information and prohibits sponsorship arrangements.

As well, the bill further regulates the kind of tobacco product, health or purchase age information or warnings that can be displayed both outside and inside retail or wholesale premises.

For the time being current wording will continue to apply (including the words *'SMOKING KILLS Ka mate koe i te kai hikareti') but regulations will later be put in place prescribing the health warning to be used, the size and shape of the notice, typeface and so on.

When someone has asked to buy a specified (or any) tobacco product, a retailer will be able to provide printed, written or spoken information identifying what tobacco products are available and indicating their price, but nothing else. And inside their place of business retailers can display a notice (again using only using only printed or written words, not pictures) indicating where, on the premises, tobacco products in general are available for purchase. Outside their place of business they may display their name or trade name but this must not include any word or expression signifying either that any tobacco product is available or the trade mark of a tobacco product, or the company name of a tobacco product manufacturer. Automatic vending machines selling tobacco products may, using printed or written words, only identify the tobacco products available and their prices

No tobacco products, packages or containers such as cartons must be visible from outside a retailer's place of business, nor from any area inside the premises to which the public has access (for example, from a storage area into which the public can see). The only exception is in the case of a delivery of tobacco products where visibility is permissible to the extent necessary to carry out the delivery. Temporary regulations prescribing how a class or classes of people offering tobacco products for sale may allow products, packages or cartons to be visible will be put in place for a period of 12 months.

Enforcement officers will be able to issue infringement notices and impose an infringement fee (which, depending on the alleged offence, may vary from a maximum $400 to a maximum $1,000. Anyone served with an infringement notice has the right to request a hearing.