New Health and Safety Model

From 1 July, the health and safety inspectorate of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment will be using a new service delivery model. We will have a greater focus on proactive and preventative work with workplaces, will be more visible in workplaces, and will target the highest risk areas.

There will now be three separate and specialised teams of Health and Safety Inspectors - Response, Investigations and Assessment.

Most inspectors will be in the Assessment Team and will carry out planned assessments of workplaces, focusing on MBIE priority areas. In future all Workplace Health and Safety notifications should be sent to the MBIE Response Team, which will triage these to ensure a consistent and appropriate level of response. Investigations will be undertaken by a specialist team of investigation inspectors, separate from the assessment inspectors.

These changes will allow MBIE to have a bigger impact, improve the consistency of our assessments and investigations, and help them to reduce fatalities and serious injuries in the workplace.

You need to know that

Your responsibilities for notifying workplace health and safety matters do not change, but from 1 July these should be sent to the MBIE central Response Team.

You can do this by calling 0800 20 90 20, going to, or emailing

If you contact an inspector directly they will either record information and pass it on the response team or refer you on the response team.

In some circumstances, the response team will request that you undertake a duty holder review and report this to the Group. These are an analysis of what happened and why, and what the workplace has elected to do to prevent a recurrence. The reviews will be assessed by the inspectorate to ensure they are satisfactory. There will be guidance for duty-holders on completing a review, including forms and templates, on the MBIE website.