Information and Resources on the main alcohol Law Changes for Business

A variety of new factsheets are available to help inform businesses and members of the public about how they are affected by changes under the new Act.

The Ministry of Justice website has a summary of the main alcohol law changes for businesses from 18 December.

Information on managers certificates under the new law (including transitional arrangements and the LCQ bridging test) is available at Managers certificates - qualifications and training.

The Health Promotion Agencys website has a new section What does the law mean for me?, which has factsheets for bars and restaurants, clubs and bottle stores (which were produced in collaboration with the Police), as well as information about supply of alcohol to under-18s.

Also, all licensees and staff should understand their responsibilities regarding not serving intoxicated people or having them on their premises. Useful resources include the "Intoxication assessment tool" [ PDF].