Philips' intelligent supermarket lighting can help you find your groceries

Source: CNET

(Credit: Philips)

It seems that Philips have come up with a lighting system that may solve your supermarket woes.

Using intelligent LED in-store lighting, this new system utilizes lighting fixtures that can communicate its position to a smartphone app, which in turn allows shoppers to receive various information (e.g. special offers) based on their location.

With the system being piloted in Germany, shoppers can expect the app to direct them from aisle to aisle to locate specific products, or even receive recipe suggestions.

They will also be prompted of special discounts or new items on the shelves; which might potentially make shoppers spend more money.

Nevertheless, this new lighting system sounds promising and I believe it can help save time for many shoppers.

Perhaps one day we may be able to make smarter and easier choices instantly -- imagine being able to access pricing comparisons between brands and supermarkets; or better yet, receive suggestions for a product based on custom preferences (e.g. low-cost, healthy, gluten-free, etc.).

Who knows, this system could pave way for "smart shopping".

(Credit: Philips)