Full recognition of ANZAC and Waitangi Day

BusinessNZ have prepared a submission which NARGON are looking to support with further comments based on members feedback.

The Proposal

To mondayise ANZAC and Waitangi Day.

Main issue for stores when either of the above holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday:

  • An increased payout in penal rates as both the day the holiday falls on and the monday will be recognised as a holiday for working staff.
  • Increased alternative days off as staff working on either the actual day or the Monday will all be entitled to an alternative day.

The main issues with the bill as currently written, for stores are:

If both ANZAC and Waitangi day are mondayised, it is unclear that employees who are rostered on to work on the day that the holiday usually falls is not entitled to more than one public holiday. BusinessNZ is recommending a new section to cover this should the bill be passed.


that the bill not proceed

If the bill is to proceed that the following section be inserted:

(a) Clause 5 be amended to read:

New section 45B inserted

5B Transfer of Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day

  1. For the purposes of this subpart, if the public holiday listed in section 44(1)(e) or in section 44(1)(h) falls on a Saturday or a Sunday and:
    1. the day would otherwise be a working day for the employee, the public holiday must be treated as falling on the listed day;
    2. the day would not otherwise be a working day for the employee, the public holiday must be treated as falling on the following Monday.
  2. To avoid doubt, no employee is entitled to more than one public holiday for either the day listed in section44(1)(e)or in section 44(1)(h) and

(b) Consideration be given to removing the current statutorypenal rate for public holidays, making penal payments amatter for agreement between the parties

  1. Consideration be given to determining the Mondayising question by means of a general referendum.

The BusinessNZ Submission also details other factors to be taken into consideration for this bill.

Please read the short BusinessNZ submisson and email director@nargon.co.nz with any comments that you may have by Monday the 10th of September