Consumer Law Reform Bill March 2012

The Consumer Law Reform Bill is due to be submitted to the Commerce Commission by the 29th of March.

This is a draft of the NARGON submission on behalf of its members.

Generally NARGON agrees with the text of the Bill and has made the following reccomenedations

  • NARGON recommends that no recall should be allowed on products based on their potential for misuse causing harm.
  • NARGON supports the appointment of Product safety officers and Product safety statements but stresses that the statements need to be clear and easily understood and for industry consultation to be maintained

Unconscionable Conduct and Unfair Contract Terms

NARGON supports the BusinessNZ submission which has covered this extensively and recommends:

  1. The Bill does not introduce prohibition on unconscionable conduct
  2. The prohibition on unfair contract terms should not be introduced into the Bill.

NARGON is making this submission on behalf of you the member. If you would like NARGON to make any changes to its reccomendations or are in support of these, please email prior to March 29th