New sanctions for employers in breach of minimum employment standards

  • 23 February 2017

  • New sanctions for employers in breach of minimum employment standards are being introduced.
  • On - 1 April 2017, theMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) will enforce stand-down periods for non-compliant employers who breach minimum employment standards.
  • Those employers will not be able to recruit migrants for a period of time after an infringement.

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Paid Parental Leave Changes

  • 16 January 2015

Changes to Paid Parental Leave (PPL) will come into effect on 1 April 2015.

These changes extend the maximum amount payable from 14 to 16 weeks. The changes apply to an employee or self-employed person if:

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Greens employment policy would mean less jobs

  • 02 September 2014

Chief Executive Phil O'Reilly says the Greens' proposal to raise minimum wages, remove youth rates, require redundancy packages for all workers and remove trial periods would significantly add to the costs and risks of employing.

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$16m supermarket 'will create 100 jobs'

  • 26 August 2014

Palmerston North City Council has notified the resource consent for a store on Pioneer Highway.

Countdown general manager for property Adrian Walker said the $16 million development would bring the total number of Countdown staff in the city to 360.

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Whittaker's secret weapon

  • 16 July 2014

It wasn't until a recent visit to a New Zealand supermarket that I understood just how huge Whittaker's have become in the homeland. The entire chocolate shelf seemed to be dedicated to products and ranges I'd never heard of or seen here in Australia.

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Four Square marks its 90th anniversary

  • 14 July 2014

Four Square is a New Zealand business story that started in the 1920s and grew to become a part of our national heritage. It all started in the early part of the century after the First World War with a company that was developed out of desperation and born in adversity, one which would develop a tradition of service to be proud of.

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Minimum Wage Order changes

  • 17 June 2014

The new Order will take effect from 26 June 2014, and aims to ensure workers have stable employment and employers face fair costs when it comes to minimum wage payments.

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New supermarket for Bay

  • 29 April 2014

Plans have been revealed for a major supermarket and service station to be built as part of a new shopping complex in an emerging business hub.

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Supermarket noticeboards bridge the gap

  • 29 April 2014

Sharing information online is all too easy - assuming you have a computer or smartphone that is.

As the digital divide between those who have the technology and those who don't widens, it turns out the humble supermarket noticeboard is far from extinct.

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Supermarket quizzed over discarded fish

  • 12 March 2014

Labour MP Shane Jones calls on National to manage commercial fish supply to avoid waste.

Supermarket giant Countdown is facing fresh questions after large bins of whole snapper found at a waste meat processing plant were traced to its supply chain.

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Progressive V NZ Made

  • 23 February 2014

There has been a lot of activity recently regarding the sale of NZ made products in progressive stores here and accross the ditch.

Here are a collection of related press releases by date

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Countdown Lincoln Road opening fuels local job creation

  • 21 November 2013

21 November 2013: Countdown has opened its 167th store today on Lincoln Road in Henderson, creating 44 new jobs as part of its 100-strong team, including 14 for previous Work and Income clients thanks to a partnership with the local Waitakere Work and Income branch

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