Supermarket stork busy

A Blenheim supermarket might branch into maternity wear after five women who work there became pregnant with girls.

Countdown Blenheim manger Kaye Wood said she didn't think too much about four of her staff getting pregnant last year until a fifth staff member announced her pregnancy.

"I thought there must be something in our water," she said. "Five women pregnant and they're all having girls."

In the 13 years she had worked at the supermarket, the most she had seen were two women pregnant at the same time, she said.

Checkout operator Jacinta Anderson, 25, was the first to get pregnant and gave birth to baby Indi Thoms on Thursday last week. Indi was born at 5.44am and weighed 3.37 kilograms.

Jess Tuarau, 24, is next in line, and is due on May 20, followed by Sam Doak, 22, who is due three days later. Liana Robinson, 31, has a due date of July 9, followed by Charis Kahu-Kauika, 26, who is expecting on August 29.

Tuarau has just stopped working with four weeks to go. She went up three sizes in her uniform while she got pregnant and moved from the deli to the checkout.

"I couldn't reach into the deli cabinet anymore, so I got moved to checkout," she said.

The women said Countdown was a good place to work while you were pregnant.

If a job got too difficult, they could just move somewhere else or sit on a stool at checkout, Anderson said.

All five women also had other ties to the supermarket.

Kahu-Kauika, Tuarau, and Doak's partners' all worked at a Countdown when they met each other, with Kahu-Kauika and Tuarau's partners still working there. Anderson and Robinson's mothers both work at Countdown Blenheim and Springlands respectively.

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