Sugary treats may be taken from supermarket checkouts

New market research has shown many New Zealanders would like supermarkets to remove confectionary from around checkouts.

Supermarkets here are considering banishing sugary treats from checkout lanes after a similar move proved popular overseas.

A poll showed a third of respondents would like to see an end of the calorie laden treats surrounding checkouts but most claimed to be immune to impulse buying.

The research follows a decision by the United Kingdom's largest supermarket chain, Tescos, to remove all sweets from around the till.

And experts here say New Zealand should be following suit.

Nutritionist Elaine Rush says if people go shopping when they are hungry then they will be tempted while waiting at the checkout.

"I think it will have a subtle's important people really do have a choice," Ms Rush said.

"Parents deserve to have sugar free, treat free aisles where they can check out."

Countdown has at least one confectionery-free checkout lane in every supermarket and it says it will listen to customer feedback and keep an eye on international trends.

Foodstuffs, which owns Pak'nSave and New World, says it will be speaking to shoppers about whether or not taking treats away from checkouts is something they should consider.

Most shoppers say such a move would not affect where they get their groceries.

Source: TVNZ